Selling Your Home With Alex Obeso, Jr

Every home seller is different which is why we accommodate your needs and put your needs first! We offer three choices when it comes to selling your property, to help achieve your goals!

Our Services:

Instant Cash Offer
​​Immediately receive an offer to sell your property for cash. In our instant offers there are no closing costs, no repairs, and more! We can close in under 7 days or in as much time as you need. You have the authority of your move. Discover More…

13 Step Marketing Program
Our 13 step marketing plan is designed to capture maximum exposure for your property in the shortest period of time. Our 13 step plan lays the foundation to create a custom marketing plan for all of our clients. This marketing plan enables your home to be seen by thousands in order to get you top dollar for your property. Discover More…

Initial Money Incentive
Need to make repairs to your property in order to sell it for top dollar? Look no further. We can provide you the funds to renovate your property in order for you to sell it for top dollar, maximizing your profit. Discover More…

Which service is for you?
Many agents assume what their sellers want which leads to sellers being pushed into one selling choice. There are sellers that believe there is only one way to sell their property, which pushes them further into one specific selling option. Sellers are not given selling options that suit their needs which is why we offer our clients services to help facilitate and attain their goals, putting you first. No matter when you plan to sell, we are committed to assist you with a service you will not find anywhere else. Whether you plan on selling next month, next year, or next decade, as long as we are around, we will help answer your questions and be of service to you.

Advantages of our service:

Discounted Commissions
We are blessed to do well enough to offer our clients a discounted commission in order to be more competitive in the real estate market. Discover More…

Rent Back
In this low inventory market, are you concerned with finding a replacement property? We provide a rent back program to help alleviate your concerns. We can help provide a rent back agreement for days, weeks, or months depending on your situation. Discover more…

Need assistance in determining which selling option is suited for you? Discover more today!

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