Instant Cash Offer

Sell Your Home Without Hassle
Our cash offers help those who need to sell their property quickly and want to steer clear of listing their property in the MLS. We can provide an instant cash offer in 24 hours or less with no closing costs, no repairs, maybe a 15 – 20 minute visual inspection, and more! We also offer a discounted commission or no commission at all! Call Alex Obeso at Keller Williams Realty today for more information, no strings attached.

Put You First
In today’s real estate market there are many people that provide cash offers. However, not every person puts your goals first. Many people will submit an offer and once under contract, begin to request for repairs and credits. These people put themselves first and do not care about your goals, trying to make more money for themselves instead of for you. This is how we differ ourselves from those individuals. We work to help attain your goals and needs first. Our main priority is to provide a service that helps satisfy your needs. We cannot afford to play games with our clients and diminish our reputation. We strive to provide cash offers that meet your goals, putting you first, before ourselves.

“Alex Obeso did a fantastic job serving as our real estate agent and helped us both sell and buy a home. As we worked with Alex, we discovered that he had extensive knowledge of real estate laws and practices, had well-honed and effective negotiation skills, had no problems whatsoever working with two older married gay men, had a high emotional IQ, and was a truly kind, caring and generous person. We had a short time window in which to work. Alex took the time to get to know us and helped us refine our priorities. Alex repeatedly reminded us that he and his team worked for us. I have never entered an online review before. I am aware that this review may be unusually long. Please know that my willingness to write this review and its length are both reflections of the superb experience we had with Alex and his entire team.”
Jim & Dan
Home sellers that received a cash offer from Alex Obeso
Call Alex Obeso at (619) 322-9212 for a cash offer today!
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